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3 tips for co-parenting communication

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2024 | Divorce

While spouses who don’t have children together can have a clean break from each other in the event of divorce, those who share minor or otherwise dependent children have to remain in contact about their kids.

If you’re divorcing, it can be challenging to communicate with your ex, partially because emotions might be high at any given time. Remembering these three tips may help you to have more meaningful and successful contact with your ex as you work as a parenting team to raise your children.

Keep the focus on the children

If you’re not on amicable terms, keep your discussions focused on your children. This may make it easier to remain calm. It’s best to leave the past alone and not concern yourself with the factors that ended the marriage when you’re talking to your ex. Instead, set a clear boundary contact will be only concern your children and what they need.

Set a schedule for regular updates

Setting a schedule for regular updates about the children can be beneficial for you and your ex. It gives both adults a chance to prepare for having to speak to each other. This is particularly beneficial in long-distance co-parenting situations because of time zone changes.

Know when to take a step back

There are times when discussions with your co-parent may become tense. Taking a step back from the situation may be beneficial so you and your ex can both calm down and look at the situation from a logical point of view. If you need to do this, set a time to come back to the discussion, and be sure you’re respectful if your ex tells you they need to take a step back.

Getting a parenting plan set up as quickly as possible may be beneficial for divorcing parents. This is the roadmap that provides both adults with an informed way to set expectations moving forward. These plans can be complex, so it may help to work with a legal representative who can assess the situation and offer suggestions about how to structure it effectively.