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Tips to help children adjust to life after divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2023 | Divorce

Children are very resilient. They do adjust to divorce, and many of them have excellent outcomes in the long run. Even if it’s difficult for them in the short run, they may just be struggling with the changes in their life. Given time and the right support system from their parents, they can still thrive in a post-divorce setting.

That being said, parents often wonder what they can do to promote this type of outcome. How can they help their children adjust to what life is going to be like after the marriage ends? Below are a few tips to keep in mind.

Focus on safety and security

It’s very important for children to feel like they are secure and that they are safe. Stability can be very helpful, along with a consistent schedule. These things should be considered carefully when determining child custody and parenting time divisions.

Don’t put down the other parent.

It can also be helpful when both parents speak well of each other, even when they’re not together. It’s not helpful to play the blame game or insult the other person. Even when the divorce is emotionally difficult, a parent should be wary of how they talk about the other parent in front of their children. 

Strive for cooperation

Ideally, parents should be able to cooperate and communicate. They need to talk about school activities, daily schedules, extracurricular activities, necessary medical care and many other things that affect their children. The children should always come first, which can help parents to focus on cooperation themselves.

How this helps

At the end of the day, unless there is evidence of abuse or something of that nature, it is generally best for most children to have a strong relationship with both parents. That’s what helps them adjust to the divorce because it doesn’t feel like their life has changed as much. Parents need to be aware of this and take proper steps to maintain these strong relationships. They also need to remember their parental rights and consider the steps they can take when setting up a parenting agreement.