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3 tips for running a business together after divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2023 | Divorce

Running a company with an ex-spouse can be a complex endeavor. To ensure the smooth operation and sustainability of the business, it’s crucial to have clear guidelines and agreements in place.

Each set of business partners must consider their unique circumstances. These points are universal for all situations where exes continue operating a company together after divorce, so they’re a good starting point for anyone in this situation.

1: Set responsibilities

Defining roles and responsibilities is paramount when running a business with your ex. This separation of duties helps maintain professionalism and minimize conflicts.

Each party should have distinct areas of authority and decision-making power, ideally aligned with their strengths and expertise. It’s essential to respect these boundaries to prevent overlap and potential disputes.

Establishing a clear organizational structure so employees understand who to report to can also help maintain order and efficiency in the business.

2: Outline financial aspects

Financial clarity is crucial in this type of business arrangement. This includes detailing how profits will be distributed, who will handle day-to-day financial decisions and how major financial decisions will be made.

It’s also essential to agree on how new investments will be handled, the division of any debts and the process for future financial planning. This financial transparency helps to maintain trust and reduce misunderstandings or disagreements about money matters.

3: Plan for disagreements

Despite the best planning, disagreements may arise. A method for resolving disputes can prevent them from escalating and impacting the business. This might include mediation, arbitration or even a tie-breaker mechanism in decision-making processes. Establishing a protocol for conflict resolution ensures that personal differences don’t hinder business operations and decisions.

A formal, legally binding contract or agreement is essential when running a business with an ex-spouse. This contract should cover all aspects of the business relationship to minimize the likelihood of problems in the future. Because this is a legal document, it’s best to have it reviewed by someone familiar with these matters.